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Henry's Product Ranging

A ranging committee has been established to oversee all new products to ensure that we maximise opportunities and increase our speed to market.

All new products will need to be presented to the store representatives and the Henry's Promotions Manager (currently Chris Tsaktserlis).

Product and category analysis will be carried out at Foodstuffs South Island Limited and then the ranging committee will meet to discuss the merits of the product.

The new products committee will meet every six weeks at Foodstuffs South Island Limited, Christchurch. There will be store representatives on the committee at all times.

The composition of the committee is:

  • Danny Halligan (Chair), Foodstuffs
  • Chris Tsaktserlis, Foodstuffs
  • Paddy Breen, Henry's Queenstown
  • Damian Reid, Henry's Bishopdale

Meeting dates are available by contacting Chris Tsaktserlis.
New Production Information Sheets must be included with all presentations to Chris Tsaktserlis.

The deadline for presentations is one week prior to the committee meeting. This will allow our team to prepare relevant category information for the ranging meeting.

Once the committee has met, the suppliers will be contacted in writing to advise of the decision made at the meeting. All Henry's stores will also be advised of the products that have been accepted and declined. From here the suppliers are expected to approach all stores to arrange for the cutting in of the new products.

The rationale for the committee is to streamline the launch of new products with prompt acceptance and display in our stores. It is imperative that all suppliers plan the launch and marketing of products to coincide with the ranging meetings. By advising you of the meeting dates this will allow you to ensure that we receive all information prior to the launch of a product allowing us the time to set the product up, set retails and produce shelf tickets ready for the launch.

We would ask that you advise us of the launch date when you present the product to give us the opportunity to get all internal administration details completed prior to this date. It would be preferred if all new product presentations include a sample of the product or at least very clear graphics or photos of the product. This includes the presentations to the store representatives and at Foodstuffs South Island Limited.

It is important that all parties stick to the disciplines of the ranging process to ensure that products are ranged in a timely manner to coincide with launch dates. By cutting corners and going direct to stores with new products or presenting too close to a launch date will not allow us to achieve the group consistency that we desire.

Your cooperation with this procedure will be appreciated and if you have any issues that need clarification please do not hesitate to contact Chris Tsaktserlis or Danny Halligan.

Did you know

55% of Henry's store sales are Spirits and RTDs

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