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The Charge Through Facility

The Charge Through facility is designed to simplify the charging of goods and services supplied to our retail members' stores. The system enables our retail members to purchase goods without having to pay direct. Conversely you receive payment from the one source instead of several.

Trading terms, procedures and requirements must be accepted and agreed upon in writing before transactions may be made to any of our retail members' outlets and any other member, or Trents Wholesale Ltd or GTT National Limited charge customers. 

An application form to utilise the Foodstuffs South Island Limited Charge Through facility must first be completed and sent to the Wholesale Merchandise Manager for authorisation. The vendors Charge Through Account will be set up and advised in writing by the Administration Manager. Once a Charge Through Account is opened by Foodstuffs South Island Limited, all transactions between the vendor and Foodstuffs South Island Limited stores and customers must be charged through that account.



  Application For Charge Through Account (411kb)

  Charge Through Account Terms and Conditions (1092kb)