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The Category Services are your one point of contact for the presentation of new products for all grocery, frozen and chilled categories, across the New World, PAK'nSAVE and Four Square groups.

Please see the documentation below for further information or click here to view the ranging process for Henry's.

Host Support

Host Support is the term given to ranging of a product within the Foodstuffs South Island Limited banner groups for vendors direct to store delivery. If host supported, Foodstuffs South Island Limited will maintain the necessary databases to ensure correct scanning information is held by each store. No freight-applied charges will be accepted for any product accepted for host support.

Central Distribution

Foodstuffs South Island Limited reserves the right to select those vendors whose products will be centrally warehoused. This selection process reflects Foodstuffs South Island Limited intent to supply product to consumers in the most cost effective manner with consideration of the vendors trading terms, as well as the marketing contribution behind the products to be listed.

The Central Buyer should be briefed by suppliers in regards to:

  • Carton size/barcode changes; particularly where a range is undergoing Hard and Soft changes
  • Product where allocation is required
  • Critical NPD, where the launch means everything
  • Imported Articles where FSSI is the importer
  • New suppliers to FSSI, or where products for a supplier, not known to the Buying Team, are moving from Direct to Warehouse.  This is to ensure the Vendor is aware of Warehouse expectations (i.e. ASN's, Lead Time expectation and general warehouse logistics information)


  Responsibilities and key contacts 2017 (289kb)

  New Product Ranging Commitee Letter - 2016 (132kb)

  Data eXpress Basis (559kb)

  FSSI New Line Form (41kb)

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