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Policy and Procedure Guidelines



Our Distribution Centre operations are extremely disciplined owing to the large number of orders received each day. Please make yourself familiar with our policies and procedures for our respective distribution centres (DC's). 

Foodstuffs South Island Limited operates 3 distribution centres within the South Island.

Centre Address Region Range
Dunedin DC Midland Street
South Island
South of Timaru
Proprietory Brand SKU's
Hornby DC (Ambient) Quadrant Drive, 
Total South Island Centralised slow moving SKUs, general merchandise, imported SKUs
Hornby DC (Chilled/Frozen) Quadrant Drive, 
Total South Island Centralised distribution of all chilled and frozen SKUs

Supplier Order Picking & Despatch

The purchase orders are picked by the vendor and despatched in order to meet the agreed scheduled delivery day/time.

Documentation Requirements
The consignment is to be accompanied by a packing slip or invoice that must quote the Foodstuffs South Island Limited purchase order number.

Pallet Configurations
Each product is to be placed on a separate pallet (Chep or Loscam). If there are two or more dates for the same SKU then they must also be separated on their own pallet.

All pallets are to be presented wrapped and in good condition.

Single SKU ambient pallets are to be a maximum height of 1.40m (including the pallet), Chilled and Frozen a maximum height of 1.20m.

All pallets shall not exceed one tonne in weight (inclusive of pallet).

All outer cartons are to be labelled with a GS1 approved barcode. Products produced with less than 90 days shelf life must contain a GS1-128 format outer barcode.

Supplier Deliveries into DC's

Timings & bookings
All Inwards deliveries must have a prearranged book in time which is made no less than ½ day prior to delivery.

A book in time must be arranged for each delivery vehicle.

Inward goods contact details are:

Dunedin DC 03 466 4135
Hornby DC (Ambient) 03 372 2951
Hornby DC (Temperature Control) 03 372 2936

The consignment note will be signed only for the number of pallets received and will be signed STC (subject to check).

Pallet Management
All pallets received by the DC's are managed on a transfer system. Foodstuffs will arrange to transfer pallets onto their account from a nominated suppliers account. This is facilitated by the Chep and Loscam pallet transfer system.

A Pallet Levy Authorisation Form must be completed.

Damages & Discrepancies
The DC receiving staff are responsible for checking the pallets on arrival. Any damages or omissions are to be noted where possible, on the driver's copy of the consignment note and clearly signed by both parties. Foodstuffs South Island Limited will advise the supplier with relevant details of the product damage or count discrepancy within a 24-hour period.

The supplier should provide contact details to the Inward Goods Supervisor & Buyer for delivery discrepancy advice.

Temperature Controlled Distribution Centre
This is a specialised operation and as such has comprehensive procedures and guidelines that vendors need to be aware of. Refer to the downloads for additional information available.


  Pallet Transfer Levy Authorisation Form.pdf (205kb)

  Procurement & Operations Procedure Guidelines for Suppliers.PDF (2040kb)

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