Our Mission and Values

We're here to feed the South Island by delivering fresh, affordable food.

Our mission

Feed the South Island

It’s a simple purpose, but a powerful one. More than half the food consumed in the South Island comes into homes through us. Every day, to every part of the mainland, our Co-operative is delivering fresh and affordable food.

Through sunshine and storms, earthquakes and adversity – our network and our people excel. We do everything in our power, and then a bit more, to make sure life is better every day by giving people what they want – the products, the value, the experience and the service.

We feed families.

We feed communities.

We feed the South Island, and

we’re proud of it.

Our values

We've been operating in the heart of communities since 1922. Our people are key to our Co-operative's success.

These are our values, created by our people for us to strive towards and hold ourselves accountable to:

  • Together we are one team that works collaboratively towards our shared goals.
  • We inspire confidence by working hard and committing to doing the best job we can. No matter what team you're on, we trust each other, and we're always learning and adapting along the way.
  • By acting with courage we drive success and challenge the status quo. We're always looking for innovative ways to grow our company and each other.
  • We sustain our communities by working together with other teams, suppliers, contractors, and stakeholders. We take care of one another. And, we share our success with them.