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Get Qualified And Earn While You Learn

It might surprise you to learn that Foodstuffs South Island Limited supermarkets have staff numbers exceeding 10,000 and current total group sales topping a whopping $2 billion per annum. That's big! In fact within the food markets alone there are over 1000 department managers.

Store Owner/ Bakery/ Delicatessen/ Butchery/ Forklift Operator/ Supervisor. Take your Pick!

Employment Law/ Accounting/ Merchandising/ Checkout/ Retail/ Produce. The list goes on...

  • Start at all levels....heaps of possibilities
  • Choose from wide ranging career opportunities
  • Get unparalled training and development

Areas of career development within our supermarkets include Management & Leadership, Coaching and Customer Care skills. Our training curriculum also covers specialised courses, which address the identified training requirements of individuals, as well as extensive on-the-job training activities.

Foodstuffs South Island Limited has long recognised the excellence of our supermarkets is due mostly to the excellence of their people. Thus we are committed to providing the best possible means for these people to obtain recognised skills and qualifications, whilst still engaged in rewarding employment.

In fact, we regard this strategy as so important we have five educators totally dedicated to the unskilled and development needs of our members. We are able to source NZQA registered training through our NZQA preferred training provider.

National Certificates

  • Bakery
  • Delicatessen
  • Butchery
  • Seafood
  • Food Safety
  • Retailing
  • Management
  • Produce

Be part of a growing industry

If ever there was a career path with a future, it's in food. It's a fact of life that anywhere and everywhere the world over: people eat. There's never been a more exciting and greater choice available for them to choose from. Thanks to the training opportunities within our supermarkets, there's never been a greater choice in ways to train for the industry, while enjoying paid employment, opening up a variety of opportunities leading to solid career success.

There's heaps of possibilities...

So you want to know more

Phone your nearest New World, PAK'nSAVE, Four Square Supermarket or Henry's BWS and ask to speak to the Owner/Operator about employment opportunities.

You will find the contact phone numbers in your local telephone book. The supermarket's personnel will spend as much time as you need to gain an understanding of the many opportunities available within their respective businesses.

Did you know

All our Fresh Meat is "100% NZ" at New World

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