Our co-op purpose is a shared north star for everyone at Foodstuffs South Island:

Together, we feed the South Island and create successful communities.

As a part of nearly every community and one of the South Island’s largest employers, we believe our purpose goes beyond just providing food. We’re here to create successful communities, and we want to see every aspect of our South Island communities succeed: our team members and their families, our customers, local community groups, our supplier partners, and our operators as individual business owners. We value being at the heart of our communities like we’ve always been, to make the South Island a better place for the generations to come.

We have a lofty vision that inspires us and reminds us of the incredible opportunity we have to make a difference for South Islanders:

To be the South Island’s most loved and trusted retailer, positively impacting our customers’ lives every day.

We believe that earning the love and trust of customers is what will enable the co-op to keep growing and succeeding for many years to come. Love and trust are built over time, with consistency and a deep understanding of what matters to our customers.

We also believe that everything we do should go further than just satisfying customers – we want to actively make a positive impact on our customers’ lives, every day. This means we put our customers at the heart of everything we do, and work hard to make everyday life better through better service, better experiences, better value, and better community support than any other retailer.