Foodstuffs South Island rolls back prices on more than 110 everyday items at PAK’nSAVE, New World and Four Square supermarkets

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

To support customers who are feeling the pressure of inflation and rising prices, Foodstuffs South Island are rolling back the prices on 110 everyday items in their New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square stores.  

Identified in-store and online as ‘Price Rollback,’ the co-operative will roll back the prices on more than 110 of the most shopped grocery items, to what they averaged over 25 January to 25 April last year, for a 13-week period beginning Monday 16 May.

Foodstuffs rolls back prices on 110 everyday items to 2021 levels

Chief Executive Mary Devine says the South Island co-op is really conscious of the rising food prices and what could be done to ease the pressure on mainlander’s household budgets during this especially challenging time. “Inflation is hitting all New Zealanders in different ways, and we wanted to do something that would make an immediate difference at the checkout.”

The products selected as part of the rollback were selected by the Foodstuffs South Island team as the products customers shop the most. The Price Rollback selection includes: frozen and fresh fruit and veges, meat and dairy products, like butter and cheese, tea, coffee, sugar, flour, and personal care items like nappies and soap, says Mary. 

The price drop across the 110 essentials we’ve selected represents an average 10% drop in the basket price for our customers.  To give you a couple of examples, as of Monday 16th customers shopping at a New World in South Island will see the price of essentials like a pack of 12 Value Toilet Paper go from $3.69 to $3.00 and Value Bread 600g from $1.39 down to $1.19.

Customers won’t see highly seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables like broccoli and spinach in the basket, because the Foodstuffs South Island team trade to get their customers the very best deal on these each day - and will continue to deliver the best value on seasonal fruit and veggies through winter.

The 13-week rollback comes on top of all other planned promotions and specials at New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square. Foodstuffs South Island is also stepping up the co-operative’s partnerships with foodbanks, NZ Food Network and Christchurch City Mission and are continuing existing support and contributions to South Island community organisations though the Foodstuffs South Island Community Trust.

South Islanders must be able to afford the everyday items they need in their weekly shop over the next few months, and as a locally owned co-operative and a long-time part of almost every community in South Island, we have a responsibility to step up, playing our part in helping with this latest challenge we’re facing into.”  

The 3-month rollback will provide a genuine saving for customers at a real cost to the Foodstuffs South Island business and the co-op will be selling some items below cost.  ‘Price Rollback’ won’t come at a cost to suppliers though says Mary.

“Globally, food cost increases and the pace of food price inflation are at near record levels and our suppliers are also under pressure as well. Transport and fuel costs, global supply chain issues, currency changes, skills shortages and increases in the price of equipment and ingredients are just a few of the challenges our suppliers are facing, and are adding to the cost of growing, making and retailing groceries in South Island.”

The co-operative is also committed to doing all it can to control costs within their own business Mary says.

Within the 19 cents of every dollar on the supermarket shelf we’re responsible for, our teams are working really hard to keep the rising costs under control.  With so many household budgets under pressure, we’re working to buy well and run our business as efficiently as possible so we’re not adding cost. As a South Island cooperative our team of over 15,000, including 224 members and 116 PAKnSAVE, New World and Four Square supermarket owner operators are all pulling together to deliver Rollback, and the many more initiatives we’re looking to deliver.  We’re on the shop floor every day, committed to our local community and holding ourselves accountable to South Islanders. "

The full list of items on ‘Price Rollback’ will be made available when the promotion starts on Monday, 16 May.